Milwaukee Health Services, Inc. believes that competitive pay is a key element in recruiting; retaining and rewarding the type of employees that are needed to fulfill the Clinics mission. External labor markets, internal equity concerns, employee performance and the availability of the limited financial resources of the Clinics influence an individual’s pay. 

The Clinic works to achieve this goal by classifying all full-time staff positions into a set of salary ranges based on market value as determined by appropriate salary surveys as well as internal comparisons with other similar positions at the Clinic. Jobs assigned to the same range are considered of equivalent value to the Clinic. Salary grade midpoints typically reflect the average wage/salary paid for comparable jobs in identified labor markets. 

Starting salaries for new employees are determined by the hiring manager and the Office of Human Resources through analysis of the candidate’s qualifications, related job experience and salary history. Starting salaries are influenced by concerns for internal equity and the desire to offer externally competitive salaries while operating within the initiating department’s ability to pay. 

Salary increases and promotions are based on an individual’s level of performance and position in the salary range, as well as the Clinics annual salary and merit budget guidelines. All pay rates must fall between the minimum and maximum of the salary range for the position.

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